Everlasting flavours

Our taverna is hosted in one of the pretiest, traditional buildings in the village of Agios Ioannis in Corfu, counting more than a century of welcoming local people and foreigners who come to try tasteful, traditional, greek flavours.

Corfu - Agios Ioannis Feast - June 2015

Summer Feast at Agios Ioannis - Corfu. On June 24th is the Festival of Mid-Summers Eve and the eve of Saint John’s (Agios Ioannis) Feast Day. In our village (and in most of the villages around Corfu) , the locals light 3 fires in the centre of the village. Fire is supposed to be a purifying and beneficial element. Before the locals jump through the fires, they wear a headdress made from olive branches. Once the locals are ready, they then jump through the fire 3 times. As they complete this ritual, they ask for “The blessing of God” from Saint John. Costas, Nitsa, Anna and Nikos are all present!

A quick look in the past

1976 - Costas Chalikias

1976 - Costas Chalikias(centre)

In 1960 its fountaints, Nikos and Giannis Chalikias trusted the business to their son and nephew, Costas. With Costas in the wheel and his wife Nitsa in charge of the kitchen. As years are passing by the family grows bigger and raises two daughters named Loula and Anna. In 1982 Anna gets married to a man named Nikos Kaloudis and after a year together they renovate the old “guest house” of the village of Agios Ioannis turning it into the unique Pension of that village. Nikos, having cooking as hobby, starts getting involved with the kitchen and gives a rebirth on the taverna’s flavours and soul. Anna keeps on doing her best when it comes to acquinting and serving guests at the taverna.

In 2004 Costas and Nitsa decide to retire and leave the business in Nikos’ and Anna’s hands. Nikos, being passioned with the good food tasting, is trying to adjust the menu to the needs of each season.

Now and then, our taverna continues to be “the place” for local people and travellers that keep on coming in order to taste the old traditional, but also Nikos’ new secret recipies.

Contact information

Phone: +30 26610-52304,
Fax: +30 26610 58066,
Reservations: +30 6944731854
Email: info@costastaverna.gr

our tavern serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily from 8:30 to 01:00.

On winter time, our tavern serves from Friday to Sunday opening at 18:00 (except November). It is advised to call and check for reservations and availability.

You can schedule your staying in Pension Anna with free Nikos special breakfast!

How to come

Costas taverna is located in Agios Ioannis village, Municipality of Parelion in the island of Corfu - Greece.
You can come starting from the local airport or the port at the town of Corfu, following the Pelekas National Road with direction to the Aqualand waterpark. At about 7Km from the town of Corfu, you make a right turn on Agios Ioannis junction (right on the traffic lights). This road drives to the Agios Ioannis church and our taverna.